Body Archaeology

Thank you for visiting Body Archaeology. I am so fortunate to have the space, time and opportunity to give you full service therapy sessions that you deserve. Located in the heart of downtown Madison, Body Archaeology offers amazing massage within a tranquil and safe setting. Now is your chance to explore, find out about me and my philosophy of massage, sound therapy and bodywork.

This work has been extremely helpful for my personal development and growth. I have worked through past trauma (being bullied in my teens) which showed up as anxiety, depression and even rage.  I feel more fearless than I have ever felt in my life. My Yoga and meditation practice is stronger than it's ever been, I've even trained to provide Integral Sound Healing Therapy! This is why I want to bring this work to my existing clients and to any new people that feel drawn to work with me.

Much love,
Gregory Quandt, LMT
Owner and operator of Body Archaeology

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