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Integral Bodywork® uses the body as a gateway to the process of Surrender and the experience of Grace. It requires a paradigm shift. It is about the transformation and evolution of consciousness. Releasing the body’s matrix of connective tissue enhances structural integration which enables the individual to re-connect with the infinite potential of Being.

teacher and sage guru


Over the years I have discovered that the needs of my clients have evolved with the needs of myself.  Service to my clients has always expressed my deep intuitive skills and empathic tendencies, as I learn new things they are melded into my skill set. This isn't always a new physical modality, sometimes it's an idea culled from an inspirational text, teacher, or conversation.  Since my early 20's I have considered myself a searcher, an unfinished work always hoping to discover the "better version" of me.  My studies and practices have spanned different spiritual paths such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, yoga, shamanism, and mysticism.  Over the last year and a half I have worked closely with a very powerful seer that channels angelic wisdom.  That work has been very informative and powerful guidance in my life. I have moved from client to student recently and under her tutelage I have begun cultivating and focusing my abilities.  I feel called by something higher than my ego to bring these skills into my practice here at Body Archaeology. 

We all need time on the table to turn back the clock on body issues that arise from life behind a computer or too much time in a couch seat, but how about those nagging fears or that unnamed anger that flares up?  This is where Transformational Bodywork comes in.  I will blend all the tools I have culled over the years into your experience on the table.  All I ask from you is to come open hearted and open minded.

60 Minute Session $100
90 Minute Session $125


A ten-session series to transform your mind, body and soul. Our journey on this planet, in this body is an amazing one filled with unimaginable joy and unavoidable pain. Our bodies connective tissue (fascia) stores memory, emotion and trauma both physical and emotional, left unprocessed it builds in our system blurring the way we move through space and how we react to the world around us. The Integral Bodywork approach looks to reverse years of emotional hoarding and monotonous body mechanics bringing you a body that houses less physical pain.

Each of the 10 sessions are deep tissue and have a specific focus, with special attention given to our Iliopsoas, our deep core muscle that houses our deep emotional and energetic blocks.
Integral Bodywork structural integration is a product of the teachings of Ida Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais, Dub Leigh and Lauren Berry. It also draws upon the teachings of yoga, meditation, zen and martial arts.

If you are new to the IB experience I ask that you schedule your first session as the Integral Bodywork Intro session.  We will discuss how the program works, the language of and how to communicate what you are feeling and need while receiving IB, and you will experience foundational techniques found in every session.

2+ Hour Sessions $100 per Hour


Breath dictates which part of our nervous system is taking center stage. If our breath is shallow, quick, and coming from the top of the lungs the sympathetic nervous system will be engaged, also known as the "fight or flight" response. The adrenal glands work overtime because the body believes itself to be in danger and you feel this as anxiety. If our breath is deep, slow, and we utilize the diaphragm to its potential the parasympathetic nervous system will be engaged, also known as the "rest and digest" response. The body feels safe, your heart rate is slower and the mind is calm.

In mindfulness meditation we bring our conscious attention to the rhythms of the breath. We set the stage for how are minds and bodies function and feel. We take the simplicity of following the breath and make a mindful exercise of it.

Many of my clients have vocalized their understanding of a need to meditate, but there's often a condition at the end of that pronouncement.
- I don’t know how
- I tried before and my brain never “shut off”
- My family/friends think it’s weird
- It’s such a huge time commitment
- I get squirmy
- I fall asleep whenever I’ve tried it
- I’m not that into “new age” spiritual stuff
- I’m busy putting shingles on my house!
Guess what? It doesn't have to be this hard! It truly can be as simple as "I breathe in, I breathe out" and I can guide you through the process with awareness and care. Much like going to a yoga class, we can practice meditation together in a quiet and safe environment. I want you to feel free to ask questions during our session that you may have been too sheepish to ask before about the process and your expectations. I want us to bring light, levity and humor to your new practice!

A regular meditation practice reaps so many benefits. It:
- boosts seratonin
- less anxiety
- sleep better
- reduce cortisol
- quiet mental chatter
- improve memory
- feel more grounded
- feel happier and have a more positive outlook!

I am so excited to offer this service to you through my studio Body Archaeology. If you're interested in working with me please reach me at massagebygregory@gmail.com or call me at (608) 843-4864.

At this time I am not charging a set fee, but I am requesting donations for the time we spend together. Open to one to one or small groups.

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